A couple of weeks ago, I did a series on DISC (D, I, S, C). I’m always up for other types of personality tests. No single one is perfect and fully comprehensive, but together they can teach you a lot about yourself and others.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a system which puts you in one of the in total 16 combinations of 4 axes:

  1. Extraversion vs introversion. Do you get energy from spending time with people? Or do you recharge by spending time alone?
  2. Sensing vs intuition. This one is about gathering information: do you prefer trusting your senses and do you look for details and facts? Or do you trust information based on larger patterns (don’t confuse intuition with “making things up”. Intuition is largely based on other experiences and data, so less detail and more broad).
  3. Thinking vs feeling. How do you judge the information received from either sensing or intuition? If you prefer thinking, you go with what seems reasonable, logical and consistent. If you prefer feeling, you go with harmony, consensus, fit and you consider the needs of others involved.
  4. Judging vs perception. How do you look at the world and things that happen? People who fall in the judging category, well, judge. More perceiving people are looking at things while “keep decisions open”.

It is really helpful if you know which of these types you’re in. If you can’t reliably score yourself, I’d encourage you to dive in the specific categories to figure them out. The added self-awareness is a really powerful tool with whatever you’re doing next in life.

Thanks Nikky, for the pointer.