One thing I’m seeing over and over: shared responsibility means no responsibility. If multiple people are responsible for something, there is a high chance of it not happening at all.

This is why it can be really good for the team to take some time to clearly (re)define everyones roles. If everyone knows that you are responsible for handling incoming requests from an external stakeholder, for example, the team can focus on other stuff and ignore the things they know you will handle.

One obvious question: is it not dangerous that just one person knows all the details about something? It can be.

Two things about that:

  1. Let’s say that you are unavailable and something about your role needs to happen. By having clearly defined role, the team knows that it won’t be handled. This is way better than thinking “someone else will pick this up”.
  2. You can tackle this by creating “assistant” or “backup” roles things that really can’t go wrong. And for critical things it is obviously important to save your work in a central place and have good documentation so others can chime in if necessary.