You’re learning all kinds of new things, which is great. It is important to carve out enough time in your busy schedule to share this knowledge with the people around you. It was putting this off for a long time, because I didn’t feel ready. Well, the thing is, you’re never completely there. But it is actually a great investment which will pay out over time.

A couple of reasons:

  • You make people better. By sharing knowledge, you’re teaching people around you new things. You’re helping them reach new heights in the specific skill you’re talking about.
  • Your work gets easier. When people around you know more, you can think about these things a little bit less. They might even start to correct you on things you taught them.
  • Teaching = learning. There is no better way to really grasp a concept than by explaining it to someone else, because you really have to break it down into easily understandable pieces.

Make sure to do something to spread your knowledge: give a presentation, write stuff down and share this or organize one-on-one knowledge transfers, to name a few ideas.