This was quite a week for me. Thanks for following along. Just a couple of things that stood out, about dealing with failures:

  • Failures happen and we should talk more about them. Even talking about things that happened a couple of years ago can yield new insights. Getting things on paper or talking things over with someone is a great tool for moving on and learning.
  • It all starts with your expectations. Lots of things can go wrong if your expectations aren’t right. The small errors in judgment add up and boom, a new failure is born (for example: expectations can make you feel overconfident, leading to all kinds of things that could be prevented with a different mindset).
  • You can really change things. Feedback is one thing, how you deal with it is where it gets important. You always have the power to learn, improve or grow, even with “bad” feedback or when people say things with a hidden agenda.

Failure is inevitable. It will be the way you deal with it that sets you apart.