Growth is fun and really energizing. On the other hand, unsubscribers can really hurt. In the beginning of this newsletter, it really felt like I had failed whenever someone decided to stop following my project. Every time the thought started creeping in: the project is not good enough, the content isn’t inspiring enough, people hate what I’m doing, et cetera. I tried putting myself in the shoes of other people and projected all kinds of negative thoughts on myself and my project.

Rookie mistake. People think far less of you than you think they do. Most people are busy doing their own stuff and taking care of that, instead of really judging what you are producing. And even if my content was bad, people probably moved on within 10 seconds.

A powerful way to deal with this kind of “failure” is to realize that people are much more concerned with themselves than with you or your feelings. Stop thinking about that and move on too. Create stuff you want to create. Put yourself out there because you like to do it, not to impress others.