Last year, I set myself a goal to write a book. I didn’t follow through, so that was a major failure. I know I could have done it, if I really had tried and had dedicated significant time to it.

This year, I tried something different by writing a daily newsletter. By breaking up a huge goal (writing a book) into really small chunks (daily writing), I noticed an instant jump in output.

The last couple of days I’ve been trying my hand at vlogging a bit. I really like the form, and I think there is space for a daily video, where I pull from the same set of topics I’m discussing here. It is in Dutch though, so it won’t be for all of you. It is still pretty awkward to talk to a camera too, but I’ll learn.

Don’t worry. I committed myself to this newsletter for at least this year and I’m going to stick to it. At the same time, I’m going to add the daily video to my rotation as well and see how that will go. Both goals are aligned: sharing short snippets of stuff I learned to get better. The newsletter has an additional focus on being really short and compact. The vlog will mostly feature me talking while riding my bike, combined with some clips from the office and the occasional train station.

I’m still pondering the form, but I think the content will overlap. So pick one and I won’t be offended, or follow both and check out the difference. You can find me on YouTube overhere.

Looking forward to this new chapter for myself and DailyPM. As always, I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts and comments.