I’ve been watching a couple of matches in the Euro 2016 tournament. One of the things that got my attention is the way the better teams play together. When the players are passing the ball to one of their teammates, it regularly happens that it is rolling right past one of the guys, but instead of playing any ball that comes nearby, they let it roll to one of their colleagues. I think this is important, because it really shows that the team is more important than individual performance.

It is good to note that at the moment the ball is rolling by, it is not always clear that the other player has a better shot. There is always a chance that you are better suited to take the lead on an opportunity. At the same time, this is true for the people you work with as well. Don’t assume you’re always the one with the best possible shot.

One of the ways to make sure you’ll become a better team player is to share any information you have. Don’t keep crucial things to yourself. Secondly, always be on the lookout to support the weaknesses of the people you work with with the things you’re good at. Lots of people try to become better than their colleagues at something their coworker is already great at. This is not only really hard, it is also almost never really effective or productive.

Let the ball roll, create chances for the people you work with and share any credit you get. The more effective your team, the more you get done together.