The final ability we’re looking at is the ability to be patient.

Being patient gives things some time to fall into place. Patience allows for a clearer strategic view. Also, it allows you to take a little more time to check in with your emotions. In other words, patience is a useful skill to master.

A couple of ideas around practicing patience:

  • Delay voicing your opinion. A nice way to practice patience is by not speaking up when you think you have the solution, but by listening first. You can always share your view later.
  • Let ideas sink in before you dismiss them. Fast decisions can make all the difference between a successful or failing business. However, some ideas need time to grow, and by dismissing them right off the bat, you might take away this potential.
  • Sleep on your ideas. If you have a brilliant idea or suggestion, most of us pitch them right away. Push your patience by writing it down and reviewing your ideas after a good night's rest. You’ll probably find new angles to improve your ideas, or you find enough reason not to push forward on your own.