I have a running list of topics I want to cover on DailyPM. Since I’ve been writing these posts for over 5 months now, the list only seems to get longer, fortunately and a bit to my surprise. I'm picking more and more difficult complex to tackle, which makes my personal research continuously more interesting as well.

Just one week ago, I finished my first series on the Deep Work book and I got great reactions on this one. (I still have to go through the answers on the final post, but they have been great, thanks!)

While I was researching the topics for this week, I read a bunch on “strategic thinking”. This is a pretty abstract term, but I found super great material and so much to write about that I’ve decided to dedicate the next set of posts to this topic.

Strategic thinking is something we all can benefit from: whether you’re in school, you’ve just started in your job or you’re in some kind of leadership position and I can’t wait to dive in.