I have to admit something. When I don’t have something planned to do, mostly in the evenings, I’m addicted to checking my phone, email, Twitter and Snapchat. I’m also spending too much time on YouTube. I feel the urgency to be entertained and to check out if something happened: I get pulled towards my devices.

Cal shares some insight in the book we’ve been discussing over the past week. When you don’t have anything planned for a given moment, the things I mentioned above become extra attractive. He offers the advice to put more thought in what we do when we don’t work. He reasons that the mind does not need rest, but only change (except for sleep). And, to be honest, I don’t feel more relaxed after an evening of mindless surfing and checking my phone over and over again. The best moments of recharging happen when I have decided I’m going to be outside, I’m going to read or watch a movie with friends. You will feel more fulfilled and start your next day more relaxed.

So, the action steps for today:

  1. If you’re not working and have time for yourself, what kind of activities are you involved in? Are these mostly planned activities or do you tend to give in to your urges?
  2. Make a list of things that really slow you down and make you feel fulfilled and relaxed. If possible, schedule some of these activities for next week as an experiment, to see what it will bring you.