I just finished reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. There is so much in the book I can share, that I've decided to do a little series. So, the next week will be called “deep work week”, and in small bites we'll learn more about the deep work concept and other interesting pieces I found in the book.

Essentially: deep work is the direct opposite from shallow work, the things that don't really move you forward. Cal argues that in order to do deep work, you'll need to make changes in your thinking, schedule and the way you approach the things you do. We'll be diving into this topic over the next 7 days.

This might also be a great moment to remind your friends and co-workers to join. It's basically a free course to deep work, which will cost you about 3 minutes of your time each morning.

I'm really looking forward to get started. Next to this series, definitely buy and read Cal's book. There's way more in there than I'll be able to cover this week.