As soon as you start evaluating your life, you’ll see more and more things you want to change. This is part of the fun. However, this could lead to failure because you’ll try to change all the things you see at once. Basically, it is impossible to change multiple habits at the same time.

If you want to start to become better, pick one easy thing to improve, set out clear goals and get going. You don’t start improving your heath by training for a full marathon, sleeping more and eating healthier all at the same day, but you start by running for a couple of minutes every day and build the new habit from there. After you got that one down, you could move on to the next.

Personally, small wins are the most important thing to keep going. Crossing things of a list gives me an enormous boost and tricks me into doing more stuff. For you, there’s probably something else that works best. Figure out what makes you keep going and make sure to build in rewards for your wins.