Ok. Let’s take a different approach today. You probably have a list of goals, in your head or on paper somewhere, you like to work on sometime. If you're up for it, we're going to work on one of those goals today or tomorrow together. Now, think about one of your goals.

1. Do you have a clearly defined goal in mind? If so, you can move to 2.

Does not have to be hard. Take the skill you want to learn and transform it into a concrete and measurable thing. If you show both your goal and your results to a friend, it needs to be possible to get a clear answer to the question: is this goal completed? You could use SMART to do this, if you want something a bit more elaborate.

Example: Let’s say you want to become better at writing. Your big goal could be something like “I want to write a 40.000 words book in 12 months”.

2. Schedule your very next action for this weekend

Since most people have their weekend off, this might be the best chance to reserve some time to move your goal forward. If we continue with the goal of writing a book, that one will probably be a bit hard to finish today. However, it is easy to postpone your work too.

Let’s take the very next action you could take and block off some time to do it today or tomorrow. You’ll be amazed by the energy you will get from moving a bit closer to your grand goal.

The very next action could be something simple like “Make a list of 20 topics for my novel”, “Write 1000 words” or “Create a writing schedule for the next 12 months”. You get the idea.

It's all up to you now!