Cal Newport published a book called So good they can’t ignore you. It is built around two different mindsets: the craftsman mindset and the passion mindset.

Newport argues that rather than trying to find work that promotes what you are passionate about (passion mindset), we should try to build valuable skills (craftsman mindset) that help us create our dream jobs and careers.

Lots of advice is offered around getting somewhere without effort, but if you want to be the best there is, Newport’s message is clear: get ready for some hard work.

Basically, put away the question of whether your job is your true passion, and instead turn your focus toward becoming so good they can’t ignore you. Approach your work like a true performer. Focus on becoming better (instead of doing what you love or thinking about your position within the company), and possibilities, chances als all kinds of other things will present themselves.

Focus on real, meaningful results and give it to the world: if you want to write, write. If you’re managing a product, ship stuff. If you’re a teacher, be the best teacher the kids have ever had.

Keep learning and improving yourself, to be so good that it is impossible to ignore you.