Lots of things happen gradually. From building CMS based websites, you’re gradually turning into a company which builds applications for photographers. You started out coaching people and over time you charged a little more, without consciously moving from one price range to another.

Some moments really need your full attention and it might seem like there is no way back. Starting your own business and quitting your day job. Getting married. Taking a couple of months to travel the world. You need to make a tough decision.

How to feel confident in these situations and pick the right option? A couple of ideas:

  • Know your objective. It all starts with what you really want to achieve. Sometimes, it works to imagine your friend coming to you with the same question. How would you respond?
  • Set standards. Setting a bar can help discarding lots of options and narrow the discussion. For me, skipping meat means lots of unhealthy food is off-limits. Wanting to spend at least 2 nights at home could create a backdrop where certain options are and aren’t possible. Makes it easier to choose.
  • Write it out and sleep on it. Writing makes it possible for your mind to relax, let go of things and make space for new and maybe even better thoughts. Nothing can be as helpful as a refreshed, fresh mind to revisit your thoughts from the night before.
  • Not deciding is also a decision. Important one. You don’t have to have a clear-cut and ready answer for everything. It is perfectly OK to decide that you’re not deciding right now and get back to it later.
  • What could go wrong? For lots of things, there are things that make us scared in some kind of way. Actually having a list of things in front of you with what makes you feel hesitant, can help you put things into perspective.

Difficult decisions are difficult for a reason, but hopefully these ideas can help you look at them from a fresh angle.