It is easy to lay out your vision on how things should change. We’re all pretty vocal these days. People think it is important to have an opinion and voice them on almost everything. Twitter and Facebook make it really easy to make your thoughts known to a big audience.

The famous quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi led the struggle for India’s independence from British colonial rule.

It’s a great quote. Three things:

  1. It is about change. Not about not doing something, or trying to keep things they way they are. It is about making adjustments to transform something for the better. This means plans, goals and actions instead of idle talk.

  2. It is about you. There are some versions of the quote that say we instead of you, but I like this version. It puts you behind the steering wheel. The only person you can change is yourself. You cannot blame other people for not doing stuff.

  3. It is about the world. You can have a long list of stuff you want to do for yourself and benefit from on your own. Gandhi worked all his life to make the world a better place. This puts all you do in another perspective. This does not mean all your changes have to be really big: often small things make the world around you so much better. You only need to start thinking about this with the right focus.

What are you changing?