When you’re working with other people, you’ll probably want to introduce new stuff from time to time. You want to introduce change.

People are animals of habit. We mostly like things to stay the same. That means you need to be smart when you want to throw in new stuff.

A couple of ideas:

Frame your idea as an experiment. Two big advantages: you can easily revert the change (because the experiment failed) and it does not feel as something that is changing forever. Even though nothing it forever, a change can feel like that.

Start smaller. When something needs to change, we often feel really strong about it and we don't see any option than to make big adjustments to get there. Even if you have already trimmed it down, see what else you can take away to make it even easier to digest.

Change takes time. Give people time to get used to your new idea. Repeat why you’ll be introducing the change. Give people space to think about it themselves and ask questions. Planning for change? If you can get some extra time, it probably won’t hurt.

Get others on board. If you’re on your own, it is really hard to get a large group of people with you. Don’t expect lots of enthousiasts after you presented your idea in a large meeting. Instead, talk with key people in advance and see if you can get them to advocate for you.

Measure and share progress. Hopefully, your change will have a positive effect. Be sure to share this stuff, even if it is small. It will help build trust in how you work, and it will help towards the next steps you’ll be taking to build on your initial plan.

What is your experience with change? Have any interesting approaches to share?