Better work is easier when you’re not distracted. Wanted to share a couple of things that helped me being less distracted. Practical stuff.

  1. Disable all notifications. Actually the only notifications I’m allowing are calendar notifications so I don’t have to manually check the time. I have disabled home screen notifications as well, so my phone doesn’t light up. The only time I’m seeing new stuff is when I’m unlocking my phone and I’m looking at my home screen.
  2. Hide the Mac OS dock and menu bar. I was never a fan of the dock setting until Damir and Emiel pointed me to this advanced setting (I’ve actually set both values to 0 to remove all animation). It gives back valuable desktop space and you won’t be distracted by the icons there too.
  3. Purchasing a physical alarm clock. This allows me to leave my phone outside of the bedroom. Not having any notifications waking you is one step towards a better night of sleep, not having the devices there also removes any urge to keep checking your email or social media right before you close your eyes. Better sleep = more productive waking hours.