Recently I heard someone say that he thought there were no big opportunities anymore in the company he was in. I was shocked, because that would mean he was working in a perfect world and a perfect company. I’m pretty sure he is not.

The way you think can really set you apart: are you stuck with small, incrementing ideas (or none at all), or are you able to come up with new things that can really propel you forward?

The interesting thing about ideas is that they are freely available. There is no difference between you and anyone else in this world as far as new ideas go, and yet we keep circling around the same old problems and solutions.

Don’t skip out on thinking. Get more people involved. Spend a couple of hours researching and reading online. Make notes. Try to get a fresh angle. Stand up, go for a walk and get back at it. Sleep on it. Get more data.

What would be your 10x idea?