Seth Godin wrote a set of brilliant books. Basically, I can’t name one of his books I would not recommend reading. The central theme of Purple Cow is the famous market adoption bellcurve. The one with the groups innovators, early adopters, early & late majority and laggards.

To get your brand or idea moving along with the different sections, you need to come up with a remarkable product. However, this is the problem: no one is going to eagerly adapt to your product. Most consumers are happy, stuck and sold on what they’ve go (most of us like routines and hate change we don’t self-initiate).

The good news is that the far left side of the curve is the most willing to try out new things. This group is actually receptive for change. As long as you are remarkable.

Two big ideas, you can start applying right away (aside from the fact that there are so many great ideas in the book and you should read it):

  1. Target a niche. With a heavily focussed product it is way easier to get a critical mass on board. With a niche product, people tend to be far more likely to share your product with their close peers in the same group.

  2. The opposite of remarkable is “very good”. “If you travel on an airplane and they get you there safely, you don’t tell anyone. That’s whats supposed to happen. What makes it remarkable is if it’s horrible beyond belief or if the service is so unexpected (they were an hour early!) that you need to share it.” What can make your product or brand stand out?