Product management could be rephrased as stakeholder management, because some days can be more about working with what everyone wants instead of working on the actual product.

This is why it is essential that you keep improving your people-skills. Next to this, each type of stakeholder has their own things they value in a great product manager. I’ve asked a couple of awesome designers what they think is important in a product manager.

  • A good PM values design. Is able to balance quality, polish and speed of shipping.
  • You care not only about function, but also about feel. You’re willing to fight for how things look and for going the extra mile.
  • Thinks about consistency across platforms. Designers are responsible for adapting the design towards standards on different platforms, but you as a product manager should keep an eye out for consistency.
  • This is a bit generic: but communication is essential. If you decide not to polish a specific part or alter the design, keep designers in the loop. That will make them happy.
  • Know what design elements make up your brand. If there is a style guide, you should be able to recognize what is as defined in the guide and what isn’t.

Anything to add to this list? Get the conversation started and improve how you’re working together.

Thanks @nickvanderwildt and @jortdevries.