Each week, I’m closing off my work by conducting a weekly review. This sounds complex, but it isn’t. The goal is to get everything that is still somewhere in your head and in your inbox into a trusted system to make sure you’re able to get your mind off work during the weekend.

For me, a typical weekly review looks like this:

  • Review my list of running projects to see if anything pops up that needs to be added to the list needed to be done. I’m also assigning due dates for tasks in the next week.
  • Review my calendar for the past week to see if there are any meetings that needed follow up or tasks I missed.
  • Clearing my OmniFocus inbox (where all new tasks end up) to add them to the correct project.
  • In any of the above things, if there are things I really need to get done in the next week, I’ll schedule a block of time for them in my calendar right away.
  • I’ll review my calendar of next week to see if there is anything I need to prepare so I can schedule this as well.

Doing this really helps me to keep on top of the most important things to do, to be able to wind down during the weekend and to get a head start for the next week.

Let me know what helps you to clear your head. I love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback.