There are numerous reasons why working at Blendle has been an absolute blast for the past two years, but I wanted to share something that happened over this weekend.

Yesterday, I viewed a video which was folded into a great post (as always) from First Round Review. Shared it on Twitter already, but it is really good and you should read the post and view the video.

Somewhere in the video, Kim Scott talks about “making it easier to speak truth to power”. Just watch the video, you’ll find out what Scott means. Really short explanation: a meeting to gather feedback for a specific person, without the specific person being there. She calls it ‘manager guidance sessions'.

I forwarded it to a couple of people on Saturday night. Positive reactions were flowing in this morning and as of now (only 22 hours after I forwarded the post) the only thing left to do is schedule the meeting.

As we do with almost everything: this is an experiment. We might do this just once, or this might become something that will be ingrained for Blendle as we move forward. Either way, we will learn from this, both from an organizational standpoint and from a personal standpoint. We don’t have to discuss this kind of stuff for weeks, schedule meetings to get it right and get a committee to sign off to get it going. By having such a short feedback loop we keep improving and learning really fast. That’s what makes working at Blendle super awesome.

Remember, if you want to learn or grow, it is up to you. You are the only one responsible for your own growth.