As all of us on this planet are moving trough twothousandandfifteen with exhilarating speed: we’ve consumed 41% of our year already. It certainly doesn’t feel like that. I figured this would be a good time to reflect a bit and see how my Big Goals for 2015 are working out so far.

I have not made progress towards working remotely in a different country for a month. Honestly I’m a bit skeptical if this is possible in my current role at Blendle. Working with different teams and interviewing potential hires works so much better when being around all the time. Shortening my STINT to one week might be a lot more feasible and certainly no less inspiring. I might go for that.

Speaking engagements: have done a couple of ‘em so far which were really enjoyable. Most meetups around are focussed on different coding and technical skills, but as I’m concentrating more on the product side the options are a bit limited.

Then, writing a book. I have been toying around with a fictional story for a bit, but that doesn’t really fit me. I find most fiction hard to read because it makes me feel useless. Except for 1984, The Lord Of The Rings/Flies and a couple other classics which everyone should have read. So whatever I’ll be writing and finishing at the end of this year, it will definitely be non-fiction.

Almost everyone thinks big goals are cool. At the same time, almost everyone thinks I’m crazy for skipping movies, TV series and alcohol. I have not yet decided to completely skip out on the booze, but not watching television was a really good choice. There are some moments I miss being able to sit back and watch a good movie, but this doesn’t happen very often and this is a huge win in terms of sleep and time to work, write or build things. Also: everyone was talking about the next House of Cards season, but who is talking about it now? I'm glad I spent that time on other things. I greatly reduced the amount of alcohol I consume. Mostly skip it during parties, dinners and when colleagues pop one at the end of a long day. It isn't really hard. Still drinking one or two glasses of wine in weekends for now.

I have slacked committing to 30 day projects a bit, but currently I’m well on my way to add a new habit: flossing every day. You know it is good for you. This guy is flossing in the shower which sounds like a good idea if you’re a person who showers at night.

An internship is something I’d really like to do, but is pretty expensive in terms of time lost at work. Blendle is such an amazing place which is stretching me so much that it might be the best internship I could wish for right now. But if you want me around for a couple of days, I’m open for discussing that.

Curious what the remaining 59% of this year will bring. What is your biggest project you want to complete before the end of 2015?