Yesterday was a really really really really really good day. I reviewed the onboarding of Slack. Today I’m reviewing its biggest competitor: HipChat. With Carly on repeat.

Home page

Hipchat home page

  • The home page is friendly with illustrations, short animations and clear introduction to its features

Create or join

Hipchat create or join

  • In this step you need to specify whether you want to create a new team or join an existing one

Create a team

Hipchat create a team

  • A simple and clear form to create a new team
  • Entering the domain part of my email address automatically fills the subdomain field

Invite team members

Hipchat invite team members

  • After completing the first part of signup, I’m asked to add team members
  • The page contains a link which can be used to invite additional team members too, which is handy when you write your own introduction email


Hipchat chat

  • Without further steps, I’m dropped into the webchat
  • The HipChat bot tells me how the chat works and what I can do with it
  • Received two emails: one activation email and a welcome email with invite link to send to coworkers