I was still in the office while writing this post. They were asking to review lesser known sites. Actually, doing a Facebook signup is rewarding, simply because it is such a mess. Could be because they don’t have to focus on user growth anymore, but the first interaction with Facebook really sucks.

Facebook home page

Facebook home page

  • Re-enter e-mail address is weird
  • Would be nice to have an optional birthday and gender

Find your friends

Facebook find your friends

  • Windows Live Messenger? Whut?

Add profile pic

Facebook upload profile pic

  • Adding a profile picture via your webcam
  • There are more than 5000+ people named Rick, a reason for adding a picture

Facebook welcome

Facebook feed

  • 4 steps to configure my account: search for friends by entering your e-mail username and password, get to know your privacy settings, add a profile picture or search for friends by name
  • Basically all the things that got asked during the signup are asked again
  • I’m not pushed to post on my feed