Take advantage of your freedom

I saved a couple of AoM articles about Sir Churchill for the holidays. Great piece of motivation:

Unfortunately, most adults don’t take advantage of the freedom to create their own lives. When we’re children, we think being an adult will be really cool – we can travel wherever we like! Read whatever we like! Stay up until whenever we want! But then when we grow up, it seems like we’ve simply traded the parental rules and school schedules of our youth for the rules and schedule of our workplace (and the schedule of our kids’ school), and we feel just as hemmed in as we were as kids. Even the self-employed aren’t immune; as a blogger I could hypothetically take off whenever I want, but I’ll be damned if my boss isn’t a tyrannical overlord!

If you hesitant to read the whole piece, just read the takeaways at the bottom. They're awesome. (Or view my highlights)