We just came back from a relaxing holiday in Turkey. Our initial plan was to go camping in Holland, but because of really bad weather we decided not to ruin our first camping experience and go somewhere warm.

The past couple of weeks without meat went really well. I had one incident with food that contained meat I really could not avoid. There was another piece of food in Turkey that might have had some meat in it, but we aren’t really sure and we're still arguing about it.

The biggest problem so far: not eating meat in Turkey. We wanted to try an all-inclusive, and wow, those people eat A LOT of meat. There was a big saladbar we visited daily, but most of the hot food: meat (and fried stuff we like to stay away from too).

It took us some effort, but the sheer number of fat people easily convinced us to keep going without touching the dead animals and it felt really good. From a vegetarian perspective, living in Holland is pretty nice. Almost every restaurant offers good alternatives without meat. One of the restaurants from the place we visited only served main courses with meat. After a short talk with the waiter there was just one solution: back to the salad bar.

So far we are 19 days into our challenge and have 11 more days to go. As a side note: we are considering going without meat full time. Lets see about that after we’ve finished these 30 days.