Wednesdayevening means datenight for us. We spend time together, do fun things and/or talk about serious stuff.

Tonight, we'll be discussing the stuff from this blog post by Jeff Sanders. Basically, these are the questions we are going to cover:

1. Wins

What 3 things went really well last week? What are you proud of? Did anything new and surprising happen?

2. Losses

What didn’t go well? Where did you drop the ball? What goals did you fail to achieve?

3. Fixes

How will you correct the problems from last week? Specifically, what do you plan to do this week to make sure the problems don’t return?

4. Ah has!

What brilliant insights did you come across? What new ideas are you excited about? Did you find anything inspirational or reflective while reading, attending a seminar, or talking to a friend?

5. Goals for Next Week

What are your Top 3 goals for next week? What are you willing to commit to achieving?

6. Personal Development Materials

How will you enrich yourself this week? What books are you reading? What workshops are you attending? What audio programs, podcasts, or audio books will you be listening to?

7. Skills You’re Practicing

How will get better at what you do? What skill sets are you sharpening? What new skills will you be developing?

Obviously, talking about this with a loved one will yield different results then talking about this with a coach or a co-worker. Very curious about the results!