I ended last year with taking some time off to reflect and think about 2014. The main reason for this is that I want to live intentional and create the best possible conditions to do things I really enjoy.

In January 2014, I joined Blendle because immediately I felt at home. Everyone at Blendle is committed to build the best possible experience for consuming content that was originally written to be read from a physical newspaper. So far, this has been a truly great experience. It’s an amazing team and I can’t stop thinking about our product and where it is heading.

This is precisely the reason why I haven’t made the amount of progress on my personal goals as I wanted to. Most importantly I haven’t done any reviews that I had planned on doing. I love my new job, but it is important to make sure to align my goals alongside as well. This is why I forced myself to review my goals tonight. To do this, I used the following set of questions:

1. What goals were planned for this month and how did they go?
2. How are recurring goals going?
3. What goals do I want to accomplish the next month? Make actionable items from them.
4. Are there any goals that need to be changed?
5. Are there any goals that I want to add?
6. Is the next review moment scheduled?

I have refined my goals, marked a couple of them for this month to complete and scheduled my next review. If you already know you are behind on your goals, don’t let that interfere with your review! It doesn’t have to take long to reschedule. Remember that your goals are not set in stone, if things have changed, update your goals to be easily reachable this month. For example: one of my goals was to publish two blogposts every week. Because work is taking a lot of time, this is not a realistic goal for the coming month. I changed it to once a week and I’m going to stick with it.

Have a great week!