Some weeks ago, I discovered the Storyline Productivity Schedule. It is a very low-tech tool, which helped me tremendously to get more value out of my day. It works like this: the first thing you do whenever you are ready to start working, is get a fresh sheet from the schedule. Then, you fill out the questions on the sheet. The most important questions:

- What are your three most important projects or tasks you want to finish today?
- What would you change about today if you could do it again?
- What are things you are going to enjoy today?

Next to these bigger questions, there is room to enter your appointments and space to write down list of to do items.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the first two bigger questions. I try to use the schedule every day and I find that when I do, the three things I write down really do get done, or at least I’m making huge progress on those projects. This part of the schedule works best if you clearly define the outcome and have the next steps ready.

I was puzzled about the second question at first, because the guide says to fill all of this out in the morning. How was I supposed to reflect on the day before it happened? However, this turns out to be a really strong tool. Based on your calendar and stuff on your list, you are probably very much able to come up with some things that could go wrong. For example: when I’m working I can get distracted by my phone or social media. So I write down that I shouldn’t be that distracted by social media. Just writing this stuff on a piece of paper gives me a lot of focus during the day.

I’m a huge GTD fan. This is why the appointments/todo part it not really something I’m using, because in GTD the most important thing is to have systems in place that you completely trust. By creating another list of tasks things get separated and fall trough the cracks. Appointments are where they’re supposed to be: in my calendar. I get reminded about the items at the times I have set up reminders and all other information I need is up there too (people that I’m meeting with, addresses, etc.).

The Storyline Productivity Schedule has really given me something I was missing in my task management system: it adds a layer of focus that is at least worth trying! You can get your copy of the schedule for free by going to the link below and entering your e-mailaddress.